January 20th, 2015

We've had several requests to make a video of "How to Tie a Bow Tie," so we collaborated with 80's Purple and came up with this basic instructional video for you all! Hope this helps everyone out in seeing how easy it is to tie one and how many different ways the CottonTreats bow ties could be worn. Just takes a little practice and you should be looking spiffy in no time. To summarize, here are the steps below:
1) Tie the bow tie tight against your neck with the back flap vertically a little longer than the front flap.
2) Fold up the back flap halfway in the shape of a bow tie pushing it up against the neck leaving a little hole with your finger behind it.
3) Take the front flap (which will be your knot), and pull it down tightly in the middle of the back flap and swing it under folding it halfway into the shape of a bow tie again (but oppositely) into the hole you created.
4) Tug on the the left front flap along with the back right flap, and then reverse with the right front flap and the back left flap to adjust the bow tie and tighten it even more.


Watch the video below for more detail:

How To Tie a Reversible Bow Tie from 80's Purple


January 20, 2015 by Diana Pham